About Us

In terms of trading Forex we have traded for 27 years – We have traded through periods of boom , recession and through major world events. The techniques we used when we started trading, we still use today - there simple, work and will always work to keep the odds on your side.

The real secret of Forex trading Success is to have a simple strategy with logic you understand and can have confidence in to trade with discipline. There is no insider secret in Forex trading and all the so called new strategies you see online claiming to have found the secret of market movement are lying. To understand the real secret check out the fact below...

The Secret of Forex Trading Success Contained in a Fact:

Consider this fact 90% of traders ALWAYS lose money trading currencies.

The percentage has remained constant over time – the same percentage lost 100 years ago, lose today and will lose in a 100 years into the future. Advances in technology, more news which is delivered faster and the Internet has not see more people win at Forex trading so why does the ratio of winners to losers remain the same over time?

The fact is human psychology causes traders to lose money – most simply will not control their emotions and lose. Controlling your emotions and trading with discipline though is a choice traders can make if they want to. Of course you need a strategy you can have confidence in but our tools and techniques are easy to understand and apply.

Learn to Trade Forex Like a Professional

Learn to trade with us and we will help you trade like a professional. Over the years we have trained thousands of traders, from all educational backgrounds, of all ages, men and women, from over 35 countries and we would like the opportunity to help you make money trading the Forex markets. Please feel free to get in touch with us at any-time with any questions or queries.