Bruce Kovner is one of the worlds greatest traders of all time and in this article, we will look at his trading techniques and some great tips for profit, from some of his best quotes.

 Ed Seykota is one of the most famous traders of all time and came to the attention of many traders, when he was interviewed in the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwager. Here we will look at some of his best quotes and get some great trading tips for profit.

 He's one of the world's greatest traders and became a legend when, his Quantum fund bet against the British Pound and broke the “Bank of England.” Here we will look at his trading strategy and the techniques, his trading is based on and get some trading tips, from one of the world's most successful traders.

 Jim Rogers is well known, to many watchers of financial news programs as the witty and entertaining guy with the bow tie and while he is always good fun to watch, he is also, one of the world's best traders and in this articles, we will look at his trading technique and get some tips, all traders can use for profit.

 If you want to learn Forex trading and win, you should check out the world's top traders and a great place to start is - with the books Market Wizards and New Market Wizards, edited by Jack Schwager. In the books, he interviews some of the top traders of all time so its some of the best FX education and essential reading.