How long does it take to learn Forex trading and get a strategy which can help you enjoy long term trading success. Some traders think they need to spend no time at all learning to trade and use a mechanical Forex trading system and others, think it takes years to get the right education – so how long does it really take to learn to trade?

The first point to make is – if you are thinking of making no effort and simply using a cheap get rich quick bit of software to make money – forget achieving trading success, these systems don't work.

While you need to make an effort to study currency markets to win, the time it takes to learn the basics of Forex trading is short and you should be able to learn how to trade in just a couple of weeks with the right trading education.

Learning the Basics and Adopting the RIGHT Mindset

When you are learning how to trade Forex you need to understand its a unique challenge where, the basics of Fore trading are actually easy to learn but achieving success also requires the right mindset. In terms of learning to trade, the basics of trading can be learned quickly but getting the right mindset, to execute your method can take longer. Now, let's look at these two keep elements in terms of achieving trading success in more detail.

Learning the Basics Quickly

You can learn how to trade Forex quickly and this is because, simple trading systems are all you need to make big profits. The reason for this is the currency markets are not predictable and you are only looking to trade the odds. When you are trading an odds based market, a simple, uncluttered strategy is better than one with to many indicators or formulas in it. 

This is because no mathematical formula will ever be found to predict market movement – prices in currency pairs move to no set mathematical formula and of course – never will.

This can easily be proved by the fact that, while computer software programs have become more powerful and will be able to do ever more complex calculations which allows programmers to make systems more complex and clever, they will always fail to out perform simple strategies and you can see this in the statistics of winners to losers.

Despite all the advances in technology, the ratio of winners hasn't increased which points to a logical conclusion which is - you only need a simple Forex trading strategy to win.

Many believe that markets move to a hidden code or secret formula but they don't. If they did of course, complex strategies would beat the simple ones but the traders who believe in a code or scientific formula, are believing a myth which is simply not true. 

Humans are emotional and don't conform, to any logical or mathematical formula so you are only trading odds not certainties.

Why Advanced Forex Trading Techniques Don't Work

You will see a lot of vendors online selling advanced Forex trading techniques but what does this actually mean?

It means they come up with ever more complex formulas which may be clever and work, when trading past data but in terms of trading forward – they don't work. The systems have been constructed to be bent to past data, until they make a profit but the price history never repeats in the future in the exact same way and the system which has been curve fitted to the data breaks down and losses in real time trading.

Selling advanced trading techniques, appeals to traders who think that being smart will beat the market but they soon learn a harsh lesson which is - losing their trading account. In terms of learning to trade Forex markets keep in mind the old saying – KISS which means Keep It Simple Stupid! 

Vendors and gurus who are selling advanced trading systems ,are not doing it because they think they will work - they just know they can charge more money for them!

Learning to Trade is Easy But

Learning to trade Forex markets in terms of getting a trading method which can execute trading signals which can make money is easy and only takes a few weeks but this will not guarantee a trader success – why? Because he will have to adopt the right psychology to win and this is a little harder to achieve, than actually learning a Forex trading strategy and this is neatly summed up in the following quote:

Seeing is believing but feeling is the truth” (Thomas Fuller)

The above quote is very good, in outlining why most traders lose – you can learn to trade Forex markets quickly and easily. We already know, that simple trading methods work best but the problem for most traders is they need to execute their method with discipline and this means, having control over their emotions. Most traders can't control their emotions and not let losses run and cut profits to soon and this means they are doomed to lose their account equity.

The theory of currency trading is easy to learn but the reality for most traders is – they fail to control their emotions when the pressure is on them, when their trading in real time.

The key to long term trading success is - to run profits and cut losses but most traders hate to be wrong and this means, they let the loss they have run and hope it turns around and of course in most instances it doesn't – it gets bigger and they lose. On the other hand, when they have a profit their greedy and want to take it to quickly ,so what has happened is – they let losses run and cut profits to quickly and this leads to an eventual wipe out of their trading account. 

There emotions over ride their trading method and they do exactly what they shouldn't do which is run losses and cut profits.

Trading with Emotional Discipline the Key to Forex Profits

So learning the basics of trading success is open to anyone no degree required or a high IQ and while the right mindset is needed – it doesn't require any special skill to simply make the RIGHT choice which is to follow, a trading system with discipline and do so controlling your emotions. The controlling of emotion is the key to success and as humans, we are all emotional but we can if we wish choose to control them. 

The best way to get control over your emotions is to get a good Forex education in terms of not just learning a system but reading up on discipline and it's importance. All the great traders will stress its importance and when you have read their advice you will see – you will never win, unless you use good money management and cut losses and run profits.

In Conclusion

So you can learn How to trade Forex in a few weeks but do not underestimate the importance of discipline – you will not win unless, you adopt the right psychology but the really good news is – this is simply a choice and involves learning nothing but to always remember, to adhere to your systems rules and you can do this if you have confidence in what your doing. 

So don't bother making your trading plan complex, keep it simple, trade it without emotion and you will make a great second income trading Forex from home.