If you are learning how to trade Forex for profit, you should consider Forex trend following. The reason is nearly all of the top Forex traders in the world are long term Forex trend following and they make big profits so let's look at the basics of this method of trading currencies.

One of the basics of Forex trading is to understand that to win you need a good education and here I want to look at Forex robots and Expert Advisors which a huge amount of new traders buy and lose with – the Forex robot scam is one you can easily spot and avoid.

 What is the best Forex pair to trade? This is a question we are very often asked and the answer is enclosed in this article and it may surprise many traders especially beginners so lets look in more detail at the best currency pairs to trade for profit.

 How long does it take to learn Forex trading and get a strategy which can help you enjoy long term trading success. Some traders think they need to spend no time at all learning to trade and use a mechanical Forex trading system and others, think it takes years to get the right education – so how long does it really take to learn to trade?