There are a number of traders, who believe that there is the perfect or holy grail trading system which can give them an easy way to make profits and there are numerous trading system sold online which claim they can but do any of them work and how much money do the top trading systems actually make?

There are a huge amount of Forex Expert Advisors and Robots online which all claim to be the holy grail trading strategy and the best of the best - but the reality is none of them work and all lose money – why?

The reason they all lose money is because currency markets by there very nature, do not allow any trading system to do, what most holy grail Forex trading systems claim they can. The system which claims to beat the market and make huge gains, while only have small losing dips in equity which only last a small period of time. So why will there never be a holy grail Forex trading system which can make big profits with only minimal periods of draw-down and what can a trader, really expect from the top trading strategies and systems in terms of profit?

Why It's Impossible to Beat the Market

traders always think the market can be beaten and believe the secrets sold by numerous vendors of systems and never stop to ask – if the trading strategy is so good and makes so much money, why is it being sold so cheaply? The answer is of course the vendor makes money selling the system! He never would bother even trying to see, if the trading signals work in real time trading because he knows the system won't make any money so the best way to make money is by selling it to a gullible, naive or greedy trader.

Most of the methods which claim it's easy to win at trading say, they have found the secret of market movement which gives their trading program an edge. Normally the secret of Forex market movement is claimed to be scientific or even mystical but this is rubbish. Currency markets are just a collection of traders who can be unpredictable and you can never say for certainty what they will do. They don't move to any equation which can be certain to make a trader money all the time but this should be obvious, to any person who has studied the markets Of course most traders don't study the market or get an education and it's these traders, who spend hundreds of millions or more on holy grail trading systems.

Why Traders Will Always buy Beat the Market Systems

So why do traders believe these systems can make them huge gains? The answer is these traders are uneducated, naïve, greedy or just simply dreamers and there the same type of traders who believe in roulette gambling systems, horse racing betting systems or numerous other get rich quick schemes you care to think about. Most traders like most people in life, are followers not leaders. These losers, hate to take responsibility for their actions and this condemns them, to entering the losing majority of losing traders.

The Facts Prove the Market Cannot Be Beaten But You Can Win

It's a simple fact which clearly illustrates, why the markets can't and never will be beaten and its simply the ratio of traders who make money to those who lose, has stayed them same for hundreds of years and this ratio will still be the same in hundreds of years of time and its 95% lose and 5% win. Technology has been advancing quickly in the last 30 years but it hasn't helped, a bigger ratio of traders to win and this proves the point – there is no system which will give traders, the holy grail of huge gains low downside volatility and a quick return to a new peak in equity.

Now having said there are no secrets to make money with low downside volatility, there are trading methods which can make big gains longer term but you need to be realistic in terms of gains which can be made and accept losing periods in the shorter term. You can get mechanical automated trading software which will make money long term or you can simply build your own trading system – so what can you expect in terms of performance?

What to Expect from the Best Trading Strategies

I have been trading for around 25 years and see tens of thousands of Forex trading accounts and met a huge amount of traders from all walks of life and the best trading strategies I have seen have achieved performance levels of 30% with low downside volatility, 50% on medium downside volatility and 50 – 200% on high downside volatility. By downside volatility I mean - the peak to valley draw down and at the low end this has been 10 – 15% and on high risk systems 30 – 50%. Even the best trading methods, will be at a loss from peak equity for a 2 – 6 months but really this doesn't matter to much – why? Because if you are a Forex trader losses should be expected short term but longer term over a holding period of 3 years or more, if you make the profits I have outlined above, you will make a great income over time, with compound growth working on your side.

The experienced trader, who is serious about making money and has bothered to learn the basics and get a solid education will know this but the vast majority of traders don't – They believe they will get rich quick. Well they can dream but with this attitude, they have probably never achieved anything in life and never will. Trading currency markets is about realism, study and focusing on the long term – not trying to get rich overnight.

In Conclusion

So there maybe no best Forex trading system which can be considered the holy grail but as you can see from the above there are many systems which can make money and while, they will have to lose for periods of time, if they have sound money management, a trading edge and the user executes the trading program with discipline – a huge amount of profit can be compounded over time.