The Turtle trading strategy is one which should be studied by all traders because it shows – a strategy which is simple, works and still works today. The creator of the strategy was Richard Dennis and here we will look at the trading system and one of the most famous trading experiments of all time.

There are a huge number of Forex trading systems and strategies sold online which have fantastic growth and very little draw down and you should not consider them because there curve fitted. Let's look at the concept of curve fitting and why you need to avoid these back tested strategies.

 There are a number of traders, who believe that there is the perfect or holy grail trading system which can give them an easy way to make profits and there are numerous trading system sold online which claim they can but do any of them work and how much money do the top trading systems actually make?

If you are looking for a simple Forex trading method which will make money, is free, comes from one of the most famous traders of all time, can be learned quickly and takes around half an hour a day to apply, you should take a closer look at the system enclosed – Richard Donchian's 4 Week Rule applied to Forex trading.