If you are looking at a currency pair on a price chart, you will notice that prices will move up and down at varying rates and this is the volatility of the pair. Understanding the volatility of currencies is vital if you want to trade them successfully. Here we will give you an introduction to understanding Forex volatility and its impact on price.

When trading Forex markets which form of analysis is best for you to use? We will now try and answer the question of which method of trading is best and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each for of trading and also, how to combine both methods for better market timing with your trading signals.

If you are reading about Forex trading online, you will read many people writing about technical analysis who claim that it can predict the future with scientific accuracy but this is one of the biggest scams which you will see in Forex trading and here we will look at three so called scientific theories and why there scams.

Here we will look at the best technical indicators in terms of, seeing the volatility of the market, moving averages to define trends and momentum oscillators, to confirm divergence of momentum from price to help spot price reversals. The list below is of course subjective but I personally think, these indicators should be part of any traders essential Forex education.

Here we will give an introduction to Forex technical analysis – the advantages of using it and how to trade, currency charts the right way and enjoy Forex trading success.