In this article, we will look at Forex trading secrets revealed. We will focus on, the huge amount of underground secrets which are either given away in PDFs and the secret systems and the strategies which supposedly reveal, the best kept secret of Forex trading success. Are they the real secrets of FX trading success? Of course not so we will reveal it in this article.

The secret of trading success, we will look at is the real way to make money and is backed up by a fact and will help you win at Forex trading. First though let's expose the vast number of secrets of making profits which will not make you money.

Insider Forex Trading Secrets

You have seen them all over the Internet with companies wanting you to take a free download which is going to give you the secrets of the pro traders and you download it and what do you get?

The obvious advice like – cut your losses and run your profits and trade with discipline - but these facts are not secret and this advice is known by most traders. The FX broker or vendor, of a Forex trading system or strategy, now has your email and can sell you, what they really consider is the secret of trading success.

Forex Trading Secret Systems

When you see a Forex robot or Expert Advisor, they normally promote the fact that they have found, some secret which is unique and has never been seen before. They have discovered the secret code of currency price movement and will now sell it to you so can get rich trading currencies.

You get stories about, rogue Hedge Fund managers and bankers, realizing the system which made them hundreds of millions of dollars and to get access to these trading signals - will cost you a few hundred dollars. Of course, it's all hype to get you to buy a system but the idea of a secret or short cut to success is all sale copy and won't make you rich. These holy grail Forex trading systems, lose money quickly and we have discussed Forex robots and Expert Advisors scams and why they lose, in other areas of this site.

There are a huge amount of scam trading systems which claim to reveal the secret of trading success but the all lose money. So why, do people believe them and think, they can get an easy route to Forex trading success with no effort or education on their part?

Forex Trading Secrets Exposed

The reason is greed and naivety. Just like people buy secret Roulette systems in gambling or dog and horse racing systems, they think their buying Forex trading secrets which will lead them to success without, the need to get an education. They don't use common sense and think about the reality of these systems which is - if you could really make the gains the Forex secret trading systems and strategies, claim why are they being sold for so little money?

After all, if you took the average gains of the scam Forex trading systems and compounded them, for 10 years you would have hundreds of thousands or millions in profit and you have been given access to this method for a few hundred dollars. Sounds to good to be true – doesn't it? Of course it is!

Forex trading secrets are promoted by brokers and system vendors to either get names into a mailing list or to sell, a sure fire strategy or system. The word secret appeals to people, who want to get rich quick and make no effort. These people are losers and always will be.

They dream of success but have no intention of doing what it takes, to get success which is - to make an effort, get the right knowledge or take responsibility for their actions. There losers have bought their scam robot and soon see, their equity taken from them as trading signal after trading signal losses. There upset that they lost with this holy ,grail strategy but should they be surprised? Of course not - they were destined to join the 90% of losers which leads on to the real secret of Forex trading success.

The Real Secret of Forex Trading Success

The real secret of Trading success is just revealed to you in the number of losing Forex traders – its 90%. The percentage of people who trade currencies who lose has always been 90%. You can go back in time 50 years and this percentage lost and you can go forward, 50 years and this percentage will still be losing. The key Forex trading success is in the number of losers which remains the same over the long term.

If you think about it - 90% of traders always lose but there is something which is changing all the time – that should give traders an advantage in their quest for profits which is advances in technology and currency trading techniques.

In the past 30 years, we have seen PC's and software become more powerful than ever, the news on currencies is huge and is delivered at the click of a mouse and trading spreads and dealing costs are better than ever. However with all these trading tool, combined with - the advantages of instant price action, faster news and lower dealing costs - the number of trader who win at trading currencies has not increased.

So what can we conclude from this?

If advances in technology, speed of delivery of news prices and lower dealing spreads, have not increased the number of traders who win - there must be a reason why so what is it?

The reason is – Human nature. Human nature, will always cause the same number of traders to lose money, when trading Forex markets. Forex trading success has got nothing to do with - complex systems, working hard or getting better and faster news and having better dealing spreads – the trader who is successful knows, t all they need is a simple Forex trading system and to execute it with discipline and self control.

Anyone can learn a trading system which can make profits but you have to execute trading signals generated, with confidence and discipline - to make it successful. The real secret of trading success revealed is - to acquire a disciplined mindset and exercise emotional control when executing your currency trading strategy.

In Conclusion

Many people, will be disappointed by the real trading secret of Forex trading success which I have revealed above. this is because these traders, don't want to know the reality of achieving trading success which is:

To make money trading currencies requires effort. However for the trader who has a desire to make money and the motivation to succeed, they will see not only that they can win at FX trading, they will see how simple it is to achieve success – why?

Because anyone can learn a currency trading method which makes money and anyone can acquire a disciplined mindset if they want to. This means, anyone can win at Forex trading.

In conclusion, if you want to become a successful currency trading from home, all you need to do is learn a simple trading strategy and adopt the right attitude to win. You can do it – anyone can! So stop looking for the best secrets of trading success online and just take a look in the mirror and ask yourself – do I want to win?

If you answered yes, to the above question - you know what to do, to become a successful currency trader from home and make great longer term FX profits.